Fanplastic is the new sarcastically satirical delivery by Cape Town Rappers Pinki en da Bruin ( bFAKE).
‘’ The world is fast becoming toxically polluted by plastic, not only the tangible but also the way we feel and interact with one another’’ 
When John Wesley Hyatt first started experimenting with ‘ nitrated cellulose ’in the 1860’s he had hopes of bringing a substance into existence that would not only benefit his research but the planet and society as a whole ,and so it did. At this point we were fast on way to an effective substitute to ivory from rhino and elephant tusk.
Fast forward a few centuries and what was initially celebrated as human achievement is now one of the major menacing factors for our natural environment. As manufacturers reduced the use of costly materials for more manageable and cheaper ones so did humanities understanding of this previously almost unaffordable items change.
As consumer products became cheaper through the introduction of plastic so did the way we value those products change and now when we are done using something we quite simply throw it away or as soon as we take what we need out of its package we dispose of the plastic that it came in.
‘FANPLASTIC’ was written, produced and animated by Cape Town rappers bFAKE to speak about plastic not just being something we can touch and feel but something we have integrated in our every movement , from the way we eat to the manner in which we interact with one another and the world around us.
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