Arun is a video and song, offering a trip to the land of FAKENESS, the home of PinKi en da Bruin . it has been a few cycles now since the day that the mice brothers was revealed the secrets of bFAKE as it was unveiled to them by an entity then unknown , later discovered to be the fake manifestation of the BlaspheMOUSE . The farm days are still a time the mouse brothers never look back to . As they to continue on the superficial journey of mental fakeness , they continue to share the findings in algorithmic rhythms .
Arun is a vehicle which is propelled off sound and light waves , these waves has the ability to transport the receiver in to the world of bFAKE , an experience for the mind of those who loves to experience .
The world as you know it exists in the realm of reality , but in between everything real there are gaps , these gaps are filled with anti – reality , anti-reality is what holds all which is real together, a substance commonly known as FAKE .
We at bFAKE have committed ourselves to harnessing this substance in an un-controlled environment with an ultimate plot for global dominance.

“we run the world like Zeus with a bolt that’s named Hussein and I , I don’t know who’s crazy but I know Who’s sane , I know Hussein . on your marks gets set go who’s gona run , run the world , all the boys and girls and the two blind mice , all the girls and boys with concepts like , rings are for fighting , rings are for wives .
We played in the dirt till we’re very dusty, what must we do if we don’t have something? Sow what you reap , sew a tshirt / seeds , so you can grow in a whole and leave . Oxygen I O2 me , it’s funny roots grow to the route beneath , I don’t know who he really is but I always see him running he must have good knees.
I opened up my eyes to no surprise , stand up guys telling lots of lies , it’s the face of the party but the boring type . We don’t vote we do as we like . Don’t do what you’re told , those people’s old and the only way they’ll change is if they erode. We came out of our cage to run this world and disobey the laws with boys and girls”