So we reached the end of the Blasphemouse tour, praise and honour to the Blasphemouse. Salute! to all the FAKE agents who came out and got faked with us, it was nothing short of raucousness multiplied by fakecitement in its purist form.

To all the conservatives and closed minded mother fakers that we offended during the tour, especially with our latest live offering (count yourself lucky if you attended the shows at db’s, Bibelot and Pim Pomsey’s party, it is the only occasions we played it ) “Go Fake Yourself”.

I have to mention Pim Pomsey’s party, like he seriously went away though – fake agents this broe is a mal ding!!

He skated to the party which was 20kms from his house with supplies in a back pack, after the party he skated to the highway (I watched him he drank juice) from the highway he is hiking to Spain and then to Gibraltar  where he will catch the ferry to Morocco  and there he will start skating / hiking to Kaapstad where he will meet us and 20sk8 in 6-8 months time, he also said he has never been to Africa before so we hope he is still alive.

Good News : We got 2 more shows in the Netherlands – 11 November Pier 15 skatepark and 25th November Eindhoven