The Northern Hemisphere Fake Down

Blasphemouse – a manifestation of an entity , an energy and feeling which only comes into existence when the 3 mice connect in synergetic energy and creation . a manifestation which governs all which is bFAKE .
Come witness the true power of the Blasphemouse as it speaks through and acts through its mice vessels live on stage .
They speak of recent encounters with the Blasphemouse , explaining it as an omnipotent being able to act between the two command centers based one in Utrecht NL the other in Cape Town SA almost simultaneously during them performing fake rituals , the outcomes of these encounters will be displayed and exhibited in the Blasphemouse tour which starts 10 September 2017 .

The next segment of the european onslaught also see’s the mice going to Germany , so to all the Deutsch Agents , Lets Get Faked in Dortmund …
Hope you ready to get FAKED the FAKE up!!!