Mice Rule

Mice Rule

“And the new world is then to be spawned from the fertile womb of a motherboard and all say” :

(Praises to the R.A.M)

For CPU processors when plowing in electronic symphony is at the core of global populous control .

A collection of programmed habits are but a paralleled oxymoron , machines of perpetual development , a constant need for new optimum and thus they race as rats , for the closing of establishments gates wield both expiry date and reset button.

The lifespan of a model is the lifespan of a dictator , a term in the office space time discontinuum .

New age shrines require not a percentage of the pocket but all which is time , fixated by the awe of millions of ones and zero’s as they flash by . ones and zero’s who take orders from those who are dictated to by timid mice.