bLASPHEMOUSE EuroTour Extended


We have to proclaim that the Blasphemouse has been nothing short of generous till this point.

So much that the proposed tour dates for EU have been extended till late November.

The Mice along with Cloudhead have and are still confirming NEW dates , so stay tuned as this will be available soon .

( Bookings @ / Xander van Dijk )

See you there , lets stay FAKEd !!!



The Tale of Mouse

In the jungle , the deepest jungle , the mice come out at night. The tall grass hides them as the moon illuminates but just enough ,the sounds of owl ,a howling thought . They travel on with movement graced by guidance of the Blasphemouse and keep on path by his command – take over earth .

Nature his love but she carries hurt , her comfort thirsts in all his worth
-the gust of blows-
-the burn of fury-
-stubborn nature , smell of dirt-
It Watered down the purest form.

We live in a place where the sun does shine , where vineyards bare butt sweetest wine. Penguins fly and ants elope . It does smell a bit butt it smells like home .




The Northern Hemisphere Fake Down

Blasphemouse – a manifestation of an entity , an energy and feeling which only comes into existence when the 3 mice connect in synergetic energy and creation . a manifestation which governs all which is bFAKE .
Come witness the true power of the Blasphemouse as it speaks through and acts through its mice vessels live on stage .
They speak of recent encounters with the Blasphemouse , explaining it as an omnipotent being able to act between the two command centers based one in Utrecht NL the other in Cape Town SA almost simultaneously during them performing fake rituals , the outcomes of these encounters will be displayed and exhibited in the Blasphemouse tour which starts 10 September 2017 .

The next segment of the european onslaught also see’s the mice going to Germany , so to all the Deutsch Agents , Lets Get Faked in Dortmund …
Hope you ready to get FAKED the FAKE up!!!


Mice Rule

Mice Rule

“And the new world is then to be spawned from the fertile womb of a motherboard and all say” :

(Praises to the R.A.M)

For CPU processors when plowing in electronic symphony is at the core of global populous control .

A collection of programmed habits are but a paralleled oxymoron , machines of perpetual development , a constant need for new optimum and thus they race as rats , for the closing of establishments gates wield both expiry date and reset button.

The lifespan of a model is the lifespan of a dictator , a term in the office space time discontinuum .

New age shrines require not a percentage of the pocket but all which is time , fixated by the awe of millions of ones and zero’s as they flash by . ones and zero’s who take orders from those who are dictated to by timid mice.


Every boy and every girl Fakeupyourlife

Hey FAKE agents

We are now in the 5th week of our fakeupyour life tour and it has been nothing short of bibical proportion except we have three messiah’s who keep fighting for the thrown , so at any given time two fallen angels and a strandlooper but one that can surf without a surfboard .

The first show happened in Deventer , Deventer people are cool , they cheered and gave beers and are super sexy , just like all the other Dutch people we met on tour so far . At this point we have 4 shows left but our manager says 2 and 2 half shows , so that equals 3 shows ?? or do we have 2 3 and 4 shows left , i am not sure now but anyway they going to be off its tits .

de Kraaien is faking cool , The Glucks are faking cool , cloudhead is faking amazing !!!

We have once again proved that we are the best band that has no band in the whole world and all its dimensions , mice rule , they also do other stuff like squeaky noises at night that usually irritates the fake out of the neighbours especially the ones bellow us but i think its because they old and i can understand that the drummer in their ears must be deaf of beating that thing for 67years 2months 2weeks 3days and 44seconds ,but he is a really cool guy , i met him backstage once and he was actually the same guy that freddy Mercury came out the closet about or at least thats what he said .

Our afro’s had more body than on any tour prior to this but i think it has alot to do with the 16 or 24 hour stretch method we have been using , this method hurts your forehead though but its all worth it when you do your own hair , you should try it sometime , there is youtube video’s on this topic , check it out  and don’t forget to mention us when all the boys are hooting and whistling at you in the street … shout back and say “PinKi ,da bruin and DNA told me and if you think i’m lying then i will fakeupyourlife” , tell them that .

if you are reading this you a faking amazing , if you have been at any of the shows this far you are faking amazing , if you are going to come to the upcoming shows then you will be faking amazed and after this you will be faking amazing also .. we love you because you are the axis on which this fakeworld spins .

take over the world


Kraftwerk Vocoder out now!



Kraftwerk Vocoder (3x)

Ons het getower, krag van tevore
Dree geroeste treine ry op dree geroeste spore
Ek was hier gebore en wat ons ontdek
Het was a Kraftwerk Vocoder

Verander dit my stem, laat my lippe skut soos boude
Van vroeg in die oggend toe raak ek mos virkoue
Vas gemaak met toue
Vorseer op kamera op ‘n maandag bloue
Sy rol op haar moue druk haar vingers in my voue


Kraftwerk Vocoder (3x)
Kraftwerk Vocoder, von Frankfurt an der Oder
Kraftwerk Vocoder, kling klang yin yang
Kraftwerk Vocoder, skut jou jas boude


Werk jou kraft en jou kraft sal werk
Se baie dankie voor ek spring op my perd
Only when it’s gone do you know what you had
What is gone past the moon, back to the son
Blow my whistle, I toot your horn
Dance backwards like you making porn
Everything when you’re on your knees
Do what thou wilt, that’s what I shout
Robocop fighting crime
Talk like this all the time
Transformer your vocoder is dik
So asseblief hou jou bek


Kraftwerk Vocoder (4x)
Kraftwerk Vocoder, von Frankfurt an der Oder
Kraftwerk Vocoder, kling klang yin yang
Kraftwerk Vocoder, skut jou jas boude
Kraftwerk Vocoder, baie dynamic
Kraftwerk Vocoder, VOC owner
Kraftwerk Vocoder, messages decoded
Kraftwerk Vocoder, by Sennheiser sy ouer
Kraftwerk Vocoder, baie dynamic